Shoot to Paint Workshop

Building confidence through creative learning

Artists are often searching for reference images to use. Whether you download a picture from google or cut one out of a magazine, it never really feels like the artwork is your own. In this workshop, Steph Connell and award winning artist Jan Lawnikanis, have combined their skills to help you gain full ownership of your art.
We'll share the similarities between art and photography with the goal to build your confidence so you can to start creating your very own art. We specialise in Portraiture, Life Drawings, Still Life and Landscape.

Morning Session


Steph will share lighting techniques using everyday household items, helping you achieve stunning images without needing all the fancy camera gear. You can use your iPhone or whatever camera you wish to bring.

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Shoot To Paint Workshops

Building confidence through creative learning

Afternoon Session


Your best image of the day will become your reference image for the afternoon session with Jan. There you'll learn painting techniques that Jan has adapted over years, finally creating the art you deserve.