The Camera & You

The Camera & You workshop is designed to build confidence and skill while handling your camera. It is laced with techniques that will help you explore and develop your own unique style. Together we will break down the science and understand it through practical application.

Just like a good driver doesn’t need to become a mechanic, a good photographer doesn’t need to become a scientist. There are ways of understanding what’s going on inside your camera without feeling overwhelmed by the science. My goal is help you learn professional techniques with ease, so you can continue your photographic journey feeling inspired.

I’m a big believer that photography comes to life when the balance between science and authenticity combine. If you’re wondering what the authenticity is, it’s YOU. Most of us fall in love with photography as it gives us the ability to express ourselves. After our initial love affair, we try and catch up on the science, and for many, learning the science behind photography can take away the joy and the result often ends up with the camera collecting dust on a shelf.

So come and join me in a half day workshop filled with laughter, techniques, good food, great company and of course a location shoot. Get to know your camera better!

This Workshop Covers

The Exposure Triangle

Depth of Field and how to use it creatively

Focal Lengths and how to choose a lens that suits your style

Photographic Techniques

Getting to know your camera  better

Location Shoot