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Building Confidance Through Creative Learning

The Camera and You workshop is designed to build confidence through creative learning. It's about getting to know your camera better and taking your photography to that next level. This half day workshop covers fundamental topics such as Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Depth Of Field, all broken down into creative practical learning segments so you go away with those ah hah moments.



I found Steph very easy to listen to and loved the way she explained a topic with words/slides then followed up with a hands on examples. I’m a visual learner so the hands on examples helped to cement the concept being covered. I have been to a lot of workshops with different teachers but Steph was the first one to really look into the participants needs, interests and wants. Then she essentially built the course to suit the participants.
It was really nice to have time throughout the course to spend one on one with Steph to cover any personal issues or questions I still had.
I would highly recommend attending a course with Steph. We had an awesome time. -Kristy Gibson
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The Camera & You Workshop


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